Genashor Corp

Genashor Corp offers a wide array of products and services in the Computer Aided Engineering Field.


Genashor corp was founded in 1990 towards the goal of producing superior quality tools for the design and verification of digital designs at low cost.


The Gendel Delay Table Generator.
A program to convert measured or simulated delay information into Simic delay tables. Measurements with a variety of input slew-times and output loadings are merged into a table referenced in models by Sp2log.
The Simic Logic Simulator.
An interactive Gate/switch Logic Simulator. Features, high accuracy and performance, coupled sophisticated hazard analysis and debugging capabilities.
The Sp2log Spice to Gate Compiler.
Sp2log reads a Spice description and converts it to an accurate model for Simic circuit verification and fault grading. Coupled with Gendel, it can produce models that are very close to Spice timing under a wide range of operating conditions.
The Xpower Dynamic Power Analysis Program.
Xpower reads the history and loading information from Simic and displays power consumption in a variety of graphs on X-window displays. The User is free to filter the data in a number of ways to isolate problematic areas and generate reports from this analysis.
The Xwave Waveform Analysis Program.
Xwave reads the history information from Simic and displays selected waveforms on an X-window display. Timing can be analysed, and reports can be generated.


Software Design
Integrated Circuit Design
Design Verification
Fault Analysis
Simulation Model Generation

Special thanks go to:
The University of Manchester, UK
For our close relationship with the AMULET group that has been a driving force for many capabilities found in our tools. With them we were able to test Simic's mettle against sophisticated Asynchronous Designs.
Nordic VLSI, Norway
For their inexhausible guidance past today's horizons.
The Mayo Foundation, USA
For their help in directing what was needed for proper GaAs modeling.
Marconi, Italy
For keeping us busy doing IC designs, and allowing us to prove the superiority of our tools in doing so.
AWA, Australia
Friends since "before the beginning".
The countless students, both graduate and undergraduate from around the world
Who used our tools in ways we never thought of, and asked extremely important questions.

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