The Xpower program estimates the dynamic power consumption of a CMOS circuit for a specific test stimulus sequence. It uses signal state history and loading information supplied by the Simic Logic Simulator. This information is scanned, and the energy consumed per test is calculated by summing the number of nodes that undergo state transitions, where each node is weighted by its capacitive loading.

Xpower displays dynamic power consumption utilizing X-window graphics, and optionally generates a corresponding PostScript description for subsequent printout. It displays this information in multiple ways:

Node List
This displays a list of nodes reverse sorted by power consumption. It is used to locate the nodes that contribute the most to the power consumption
Power dissipation
This shows the power dissipated along the selected simulation sequence.
Power distribution
This shows the distribution of power for the selected simulation sequence.
This displays cumulative and global information

To find out more about Xpower, view our paper from Async94 Tools for Validating Asynchronous Digital Circuits

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Last modified: June 28, 2007