Genashor Corp

October 26, 2007 -
IC Manage growing dramatically. Big sales, new employees, new corporate office. We've aligned ourselves to a star.

June 13, 2006 -
Genashor merges with IC Manage, Inc!
Our team of engineers are now working with IC Manage to create world-class enterprise project management and design software for IC and Software Design. Check out IC Manage

Oct 1, 2005 -
Gatex and Gator updated. Lots of new features for Gatex reverse engineering of integrated circuits.

Sept 16, 2003 -
Genashor Products used at over 60 sites world-wide. Releases free versions of Xwave, Xpower, and Sp2log.

January 21, 2001 -
Genashor releases free versions of The Simic Logic Simulator. For further information email request to support at

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